Registration / De-registration

It is mandatory to register your group with the park office immediately prior to beginning an overnight trip in the park, and to de-register your group immediately upon completion of your trip. Camping reservations are also required for Virginia Falls.

Register before starting an overnight trip in Nahanni National Park Reserve by phoning the park office from your point of departure, or visit the park office in person. Provide the trip leader’s name and, if applicable, your Virginia Falls camping reservation date to park staff. If your trip will include Virginia Falls, the camping reservation must be made before registering. It is important to register your group yourself. Do not rely on someone else to do it for you. When you register, park staff will:

  • confirm that the information provided with your reservation is complete and accurate;
  • ensure you have provided an emergency contact name and telephone number, and
  • inform you of any important public safety information such as area closures, locations of recent bear activity, current forest fires, bans on open fires, etc.

If you have any delays or changes to your itinerary, or have a change to your reservation date, it must be done prior to your departure. There is no reliable way to change this information once you are in the park.

Your de-registration date is the day that you anticipate contacting the park office to de-register. It is essential that your planned date of de-registration is accurate. Failing to de-register within 24 hours of this date will result in a search being initiated by park staff.

You can de-register your group in different ways depending on when and where you finish your trip:

  • de-register in person at the Nahanni National Park Reserve office in Nahanni Butte during regular office hours;
  • de-register by telephone or in-person during regular office hours at the park office in Fort Simpson, or
  • between June 01 and September 30 each year, you may de-register by telephone after regular office hours by calling the Duty Officer at (867) 695-3732.

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