Planning for the Future: Management Plan Update 2010-2011

Aulavik National Park Management Planning Working Group

The Aulavik Management Planning Working Group is an informal group set up by Parks Canada - Western Arctic Field Unit to give the community of Sachs Harbour (Hunters & Trappers Committee and Community Corporation), Inuvialuit & cooperative management boards (e.g., Wildlife Management Advisory Council-NWT , Fisheries Joint Management Committee and the Inuvialuit Game Council) and other government departments with an interest in Aulavik National Park and Banks Island (Government of the Northwest Territories,  Canadian Wildlife Service), the opportunity to work together and play a more meaningful role in the Aulavik management planning process. The Working Group will help Parks Canada make more informed decisions with respect to developing the plan. This group is not meant to replace the mandated roles of local and regional land claim organizations such as the Hunters and Trappers Committee, Community Corporation, Wildlife Management Boards. These groups will still play a more formal role throughout the management planning process.