2021 update

The online visitor request form is available starting January 14, 2021 at 12 pm Atlantic Standard Time.

  • All visitors planning to charter an aircraft or travel by private vessel must complete this form to register with Parks Canada.
  • Visitor requests and dates are approved on a first-come first-served basis.

Due to the high volume of rescheduled flights from 2020, weekend trips via fixed wing plane are only available by purchasing individual seats through tour operators in 2021.

  • If you were hoping to charter the entire fixed-wing airplane via Sable Aviation, you may send a message to pc.sable.pc@canada.ca to place your group on a weekend standby list and you will be contacted if there is an opening.
  • If your group wishes to charter an entire aircraft in 2021, you may submit a request below to visit via helicopter (Monday to Thursday).

Complete this form if you are planning to charter an entire aircraft for your group, or if you are planning to travel by private vessel.

Before completing this form, read our privacy statement.

Do not complete this form if you are interested in purchasing individual seats on an expedition to Sable Island. Contact approved transportation and tour operators directly for details and pricing.

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Trip purpose
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For travel by helicopter (by air)

It is my responsibility to contact the charter provider to make arrangements for my group's transportation to Sable Island.

Travel by helicopter must be on a weekday (Monday through Thursday) between June 1 and October 31.

If conditions do not allow for a flight on my scheduled date, the day following my scheduled date is automatically considered the alternate date.

For travel by private vessel (by sea)
We expect to arrive between the following dates: and

About your private vessel

Is your anchor suitable for sand?
Do you have experience with beach landing?
Do you have a VHF radio on board?
Do you have all mandatory safety equipment (as per Transport Canada) on board your vessel, as well as PFDs for coming ashore?
More information
Visitor roles and responsibilities

Visitor requests are approved on a first-come first-served basis.

Weather conditions may result in the delay or cancellation of my trip.

I assume the role of primary point-of-contact for my group.

I will review information that Parks Canada provides.

I will ensure that all members of my group are aware and respectful of all measures in place to protect visitors, staff, wildlife, and the island.

If our visit is approved, I understand that my group must be self-reliant and responsible for our own safety.