'' Sand dunes on north beach

You are required to register with Parks Canada prior to your trip to Sable Island National Park Reserve.

The visitor season on Sable Island is June to the end of October. The most favourable travel conditions exist between August and October, since fog is often thick from late June to early August, and can impede air access.

Most visits to Sable Island National Park Reserve are day trips. Availability of overnight accommodations is extremely limited. Camping is not permitted on Sable Island at this time. Only day visits are permitted at this time.

Registration is required for any duration of visit including vessels that plan to anchor offshore and make a beach landing.

Please contact us for a visitor registration form.

Instructions for submitting completed registration are included on the form. Information required for registration includes names and number of people in the party, detailed contact information, mode of transportation to and from the island, projected dates of arrival and departure, and details of logistical support required (aircraft landing or boat landing).