The management plan is a strategic guide for future management of a national park. It is required by legislation, guided by public consultation, approved by the Minister responsible for Parks Canada, and tabled in Parliament. 

Management plans are strategic in nature, based on a long-term vision, with clear direction for a 10-year period, including measurable objectives and targets to achieve results.

Parks Canada’s management plan guides management decisions and actions at a heritage place, and serves as a key public accountability document for that place. 

Next Steps for Sable Island National Park Reserve

We are currently preparing a management plan that will guide our vision for the park into the future. After successful consultation sessions with our partners, stakeholders and the public, we have prepared an overview of what we heard and a draft of our management plan that reflects the extensive feedback that we received. These documents are prepared for your consideration.

At this point in the planning process we would like to hear your views and opinions on the draft management plan for Sable Island National Park Reserve. This is your opportunity to have your say before the management plan is finalized.
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