Where cannabis can be used at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site


  • Registered Parks Canada campsites: Allowed
  • Other Jeremy's Bay Campground areas: Including Meadow, Kedge and Slapfoot Beaches
  • Inside OTENTiks and roofed accommodations: No smoking or vaping
  • Campground common areas (buildings, washrooms, shelters, roads, etc): Not allowed
  • Near buildings: No smoking or vaping within 4 metres of public buildings (except in designated smoking areas)

Trails and facilities

  • Trails: Not allowed on or within 9 metres
  • Playgrounds: Not allowed on or within 20 metres

Popular locations

  • Jake's Landing Boat Launch: Not allowed
  • Merrymakedge Beach: Not allowed
  • Merrymakedge Picnic Area: Not allowed


Minimum age for cannabis possession in Nova Scotia: 19

Parks Canada wants to ensure the best possible visitor experience for everyone. Thank you for complying with the laws and respecting fellow visitors and the natural environment.