Kejimkujik is a great destination for a winter hike, ski, snowshoe or picnic. During the 2019-20 winter season, Kejimkujik is open for day-use activities only. Park/site access and services will be available to visitors at their own risk, as follows:
  • Visitors are welcome to explore the front-country area, with the exception of Jeremy’s Bay Campground (including Jim Charles Point). This area is unsafe for entry as it is an active construction site and therefore closed to visitors.
  • Visitors should also note that the Big Dam Road (to the north) and the Eel Weir Road (to the south) are gated, which affects distance to access the trails in these areas. These gates will be locked until the spring.
  • If there is snow, the Main Parkway will generally be plowed to the Jeremy’s Bay campground seven days a week. Access to the remainder of Kejimkujik will require the use of skis or snowshoes, as there will be no winter maintenance.
  • Beginning in January, and when snow conditions allow, volunteers will groom the Big Dam Road for cross-country skiing. For more information: Winter trails map (PDF, 579 KB). 
  • Also in January, an section of a brand new trail will be opened for hiking and snowshoeing. The access point for this trail will be near the gate at the beginning of the Big Dam Road. Visitors will be able to create a loop by continuing on the Flowing Waters trail.
  • Parking is available at the Visitor Centre, Mill Falls, and in the parking area on the “J-Line” (at the beginning of the Big Dam Road). To ensure adequate space for plowing and grooming equipment, visitors are asked to respect parking signage.
  • In cooperation with Parks Canada, the Friends of Keji will provide a weekly trail condition report, available on the Friends of Keji Facebook page
  • The Mill Falls picnic shelter is available for day use. Firewood for the wood stove will be sold at the shelter for $7.50/bundle (please bring exact change and lighting materials). To contain the spread of invasive pests, bringing in firewood or kindling from outside of Kejimkujik is prohibited. There is no electricity in the shelter.
  • Pit privies will be available at Mill Falls and at the “J-Line” parking area. 
  • Backcountry campsites are closed until the spring. Jeremy’s Bay Campground (including Jim Charles Point) is under renovation and will re-open in 2021. For more information: Infrastructure

While Kejimkujik remains open year round, the majority of our facilities and services are closed during the winter season. Unless listed above, the facility, activity or service is likely unavailable until the spring. If you have any questions, please email or call 902-682-2770.

Visitors are responsible for their own safety. Visitors should be aware of changeable weather conditions and winter hazards, and have adequate information and equipment to ensure a safe visit.