Experience the Biodiversity Hotspot in Atlantic Canada

Explore Nature's Diversity!

As a biodiversity hotspot, Southwestern Nova Scotia is home to Species at Risk found nowhere else in the Maritimes, including the Blanding’s Turtle, Northern Ribbonsnake, Water Pennywort, and Long’s Bullrush. We want everyone- naturalists young and old, beginner or expert- to participate and add to Kejimkujik's important nature database. The more eyes the better, so join in and help us find new records for species rarely seen.

BioBlitz 2018
July 7 (Keji) and 8 (Keji Seaside)

Find as much wildlife as possible in a short period of time! Experience the Biodiversity Hotspot in Atlantic Canada!

We’re hosting our second annual BioBlitz at Kejimkujik and you’re invited! Young or old, seasoned naturalist or newbie – everyone is welcome to join in this exciting event. 

Choose how you will participate: attend seminars, head out on your own, or team up with scientists to record as many species of plants and animals as you possibly can. It’s a whole new way for you and your family to connect with nature and with Kejimkujik!

We Want Your Nature Observations!

We want to capture a detailed snapshot of the diversity of plants and animals in Kejimkujik - both inland and at the Seaside. You can contribute to the Kejimkujik iNaturalist page directly without needing to identify any species! To do this you can simply upload your observations, along with an identifiable image or sound to iNaturalist. What is iNaturalist? In summary, iNaturalist is a nature database. In addition to sharing your own nature sightings with others, you can discover what others have found in the park. 

1) Please create your own iNaturalist account ahead of time online or through the iNaturalist app (for Android and Apple).
2) We need YOU to get out there and record and photograph your species observations using a camera or smartphone. 
3) Upload all your observations to our Kejimkujik iNaturalist page


Kejimkujik’s iNaturalist page: http://www.inaturalist.ca/projects/keji-bioblitz-2017-le-bioblitz-2017-keji
Kejimkujik's Seaside iNaturalist page: http://www.inaturalist.ca/projects/keji-seaside-bioblitz-2017-le-bioblitz-2017-keji

Seal sunbathing at Kejimkujik National Park Seaside