Effective Dates: April 1st, 2021 – March 31st, 2022

Rationale: Drones can pose risks to visitors, disturb wildlife, and lead to negative experiences for other visitors to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, and notwithstanding Transport Canada Guidelines for operating Unmanned Air Vehicles, the launching, landing, or use of a UAV is prohibited in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, except with written authorization from the Superintendent.

For the purposes of this order, a UAV is any powered device capable of sustained flight, which is controlled remotely or is self-operating, and does not carry passengers. This includes but is not limited to air or balloon drones, aeroplanes, quad-copters, rotorcraft or similar devices.

This restriction is in effect at all times throughout Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Violators may be charged under the National Parks General Regulations: maximum $25,000 fine.

If you witness the use of a UAV in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, please report the incident to Park Wardens at 1-877-852-3100.

Restricted Activity Notice - Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV or Drones) (PDF - 213 KB)

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