Volunteers helped plant 3,100 trees!

Five hundred students and visiting hikers planted over 3,000 trees throughout the month of June and got their hands in the soil for the benefit of the boreal forest. When asked what they liked best about tree planting, they said “the feeling that we are helping nature, and giving back to a place we love” and “knowing I can come back to see the trees that I planted.”

If you missed your chance to plant some trees last month, more trees will be planted in September. For more information, please contact Nadine LeFort at 902-224-5246 or nadine.lefort@pc.gc.ca.

A new point of view

Parks Canada recently installed a viewing platform inside the tree planting exclosure on the Skyline trail. Climb to the top to get a bird’s eye view of the tree planting area as well as a beautiful view of the ocean and the end of the trail. Take a selfie with the Gulf of St Lawrence as your backdrop. We will also be installing panels and a webcam later this summer. The panels will explain the Bring Back the Boreal project and why there’s a need for tree planting, while the webcam will help people follow the growth of young trees from anywhere in the world!

Annual moose conference coming to Ingonish

This summer, Ingonish will welcome moose experts to the 51st North American Moose Conference/Workshop to be held August 28 to September 1, 2017 at the Keltic Lodge. Presentations will address the conference theme Hyper-Abundant Moose Populations – Ecological Consequences and Management Strategies as well as other moose-related research and management topics. The hosts for this year’s conference are the Maritime College of Forest Technology, University of New Brunswick and Parks Canada. For more information, visit http://mcft.ca/en/explore/news-notes

Project receives one-year extension

We’ve been extended! The Bring Back the Boreal project, which started in 2014, will now finish in 2019. This extra year will allow us to conduct the fourth moose harvest on North Mountain, which was originally part of the project plan. It will also allow extra time to monitor the growth and survival of trees planted this summer and over the last few years. The Bring Back the Boreal project is a pilot project designed as part of a long-term effort to help restore the boreal forest within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The intent is to use knowledge gained during the pilot project to inform a more long-term park-wide forest restoration program and hyper abundant moose management.