Our twist on "take-out"

Everything tastes better when you eat it outside!

So go ahead—let nature design your dining space. The highlands, beaches, lakes, waterfalls and forests set the scene—add yourself and bon appétit!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Place your order
  2. Pick up your picnic tote
  3. Find your perfect picnic place in Cape Breton Highlands National Park and enjoy!

Top 10 Perfect Picnic Places

Map: Perfect Picnic places in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  1. Le vieux chemin du Cap-Rouge 
    A five-minute climb brings you to a picturesque panorama
  2. La Bloc
    Let the ocean lap at your feet as you enjoy your picnic
  3. Fishing Cove
    A remote piece of paradise beckons you to visit and linger awhile as your dine out of doors
  4. Grand Anse
    Find a picnic table nestled in the shade of huge old-growth trees
  5. MacIntosh Brook
    A kitchen shelter, washrooms and a playground complement a peaceful trail leading to a beautiful waterfall
  6. Mary Ann Falls
    A thunderous spectacle to assuage the most thunderous appetite
  7. Warren Lake 
    Birds serenade and mountains surround this lakeside picnic paradise
  8. Top of Franey Mountain
    Reward yourself with awesome views and a hearty snack at the end of your climb
  9. Ingonish Beach 
    Spread a blanket in the sand or use a table by Freshwater Lake
  10. Middle Head
    Enjoy your picnic and the stunning scenery, surrounded by ocean on three sides

Your perfect picnic

2019 Perfect Picnic Menus

Aucoin's Bakery

All picnics come with a salad with dressing, a piece of fruit, juice or water and a freshly baked dessert (choose from a cinnamon roll, a muffin, or a cookie).

A Piece of Meat Pie
An Acadian classic, made on site. Choose between chicken and pork, or beef and pork.

Made on a freshly baked Kaiser roll (white or whole wheat). Choose between egg salad, ham and cheese, turkey breast, roast beef, or smoked meat on rye.

Cobb Salad
Roasted chicken, tomato, cheese, crisp bacon, hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers on a bed of chopped salad greens. Choice of French, Italian, or raspberry dressing.

Each meal: $13
Upgrade to croissant or glazed cinnamon roll: + $ 1
Picnic tote: $ 2.25


Picnic blanket: + $20
Picnic basket: + $30

Pick up your picnic:
Aucoin’s Bakery
14 La Pointe Road

The Bean Barn Café & Deli

All picnics come with a fresh fruit, a sweet and an oatcake from the bakery, and a bottle of water or juice. Produce proudly grown and sourced within Nova Scotia.

Chicken - or Egg - Salad Sandwich
Roast chicken/Hard-boiled egg tossed in dressing with diced veggies served on fresh homemade bread.

Poblano Ranch Veggie Wrap
Veggies tossed in house poblano ranch veggie dressing. Choice of lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, cucumber. Sun-dried tomato or whole wheat wrap. Cheddar cheese optional.

The BIG Lobster Sandwich
Freshly caught lobster tossed in house seafood dressing, served on a bed of fresh lettuce and enjoyed on fresh homemade bread.

Each meal: $15
Lobster sandwich: + $ 5
Picnic tote: $ 2.25

Picnic blanket: + $20
Picnic basket: + $30

Pick up your picnic:
The Bean Barn Café & Deli
36743 Cabot Trail

Salty Rose's and the Periwinkle Café

All picnics come with a side of green or grain salad (depending on availability), a bottle of orange or lemon San Pellegrino sparkling water, and a choice of two classic Cape Breton oatcakes or an energy ball.

Famous Crab Sandwich
Local sweet snow crab, house-made mayo, chives and greens, served on Cape Breton porridge bread.

Smoked Meat on Rye
Smoked beef, classic mustard, locally made sauerkraut, served on local rye bread.

Hummus and Veg Sandwich
House-made zesty hummus, veggies, and local greens on bakery fresh multigrain bread.

Each meal: $20
Crab sandwich: + $ 5
Picnic tote: $ 2.25

Picnic blanket: + $20
Picnic basket: + $30

Pick up your picnic:
Salty Rose’s and the Periwinkle Café
36056 Cabot Trail


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