Sweet Discovery
In a pristine sugar maple forest, hear the story of Sismoqnapui Skwe'j – Sweetwater Maiden. Based on oral history, the Sweetwater Maiden shares the Mi'kmaw story of the discovery of maple syrup, as told to Mary Louise Bernard by her mother. By bringing awareness to Mi'kmaw culture, this program recognizes the importance of our natural environment, and brings to light our relationship with trees.
Wednesdays, Fridays | Salmon Pools trail | 10 am
Thursdays |
MacIntosh Brook Campground | 8 pm

Grandmother Moon
It is said that Grandmother Moon watches over the waters of the earth.
This Indigenous ceremony celebrates Grandmother Moon and women's teachings.
Chéticamp Campground
Wednesday, June 27
Sunday, July 29
Friday, August 24
Wednesday, September 26
Wednesday, October 24
Ingonish Beach Campground
Friday, June 29
Friday, July 27
Sunday, August 26
Monday, September 24
Monday, October 22

Smudge Ceremony
Since time immemorial, many Indigenous cultures have used sacred smoke made from medicinal plants for a spiritual cleansing. It is a ceremonial way to cleanse a person, place or object of negative energies or influences. Today, elders recommend that smudge should be done in our daily lives, schools and workplace to promote healing.
Mondays Chéticamp Visitor Centre 8:30 pm

Pjila'si Unama'ki!
Kwe'! Welcome to the Land of Fog.
Learn about the Mi'kmaq and their culture, and find out what is going on in the five vibrant communities of Unama'ki.
Wednesdays, Fridays Chéticamp Visitor Centre 2 pm

Learn to play the ancient Mi'kmaw game of waltes!
Tuesdays La Rigouèche, Chéticamp Campground 7 pm