A sharply pointed wedge at continental Canada’s northernmost tip, Torngat Mountains National Park covers 9,700 square kilometres (3,745 square miles) between Northern Québec and the Labrador Sea.

The park is accessible only by boat, charter plane, or helicopter during summer. Experienced independent travellers are welcome, though most visitors stay within the bear-fence-enclosed Torngat Mountains Base Camp at the park’s southern end, camping in comfortable tent-style accommodations and joining day- or multi-day cultural and natural excursions with Inuit guides. All visitors must obtain permits, register and undergo an orientation before setting off on treks or boat trips.

Inuit have lived here for centuries and still fish and hunt across the wide tundra valleys where Arctic creatures roam. Remote, stark, and dramatically beautiful, the park is a rare place to meet and spend time with Inuit in their homeland.