The upgrades to Malady Head Campground include the development of a concession area, reconfiguration of the registration area, an extension of the existing information kiosk and replacement of underground utilities.

A new water tank is being installed to supply the campground.


The Malady Head Campground currently has no concession services which are essential to maintaining a high level of visitor experience. This project will improve operations and public enjoyment at the campground, and will assist in positioning Malady Head as an area of long term growth for Parks Canada.

The replacement of underground infrastructure will allow for more efficient services, such as water and sewer, to the campground.

Visitor Impacts:

Visitor and worker safety is a top priority for Parks Canada. Visitors to Terra Nova National Park are advised to exercise caution, respect all on-site signage and barriers, and to follow instructions from Parks Canada staff or contractors.

Malady Head Campground will remain closed for the 2021 season as construction work continues. This includes access to the Malady Head Trail.

Updates will be provided here as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information, please contact Terra Nova National Park at 709-533-2801.