Rhythm of Nature (with described audio)


An animated Parks Canada logo of a beaver fades in and out.

[paddle dipping, loon calling]

A wooden oar dips into blue water. The water ripples as a man with short grey hair, and wearing a lifejacket, paddles along an inlet. Behind him are shores lined mainly with evergreens.

[sticks snapping, feet landing]

A hiking boot steps on moss. A sneaker hops on a play structure.


Hands flick on a lighter and light a camp stove.

[laughter, trunk closing]

At a campsite, a young woman laughs as she shuts the trunk of her vehicle.

A woman wearing a plaid shirt strolls a path through the woods. As she passes evergreens, her fingertips trace along the rough surface of their bark.

A stick clangs against a metal play structure. The canoeist paddles toward a tree-covered mountain in the distance across an inlet. The pale morning sky is reflected in the water’s glassy surface.

At a picnic table, water from a camp kettle is poured into a metal mug.

A woman chops wood with an axe.

The sun shimmers on calm water.

[song begins: flute playing over the rhythm of park sounds]

At a Visitor Centre, a young girl plays with a true-or-false interactive exhibit.


On a camp stove, an egg fries in a frying pan.

A kettle is lifted off an open flame. Then, two women clink mugs over breakfast.

[loon calling]

Morning mist rises off the ocean.

A group of children ride their bikes on a road through the campground.

At a playground, three kids pile onto a zipline together.

[beads falling]

Beads make a clacking noise on bicycle spokes, and a child hits a metal post with a stick.

[tent zipping, door closing]

A family takes the stairs up to their Ôasis accommodation in the woods. The young boy and girl smile as they close the door of the tear-shaped hut mounted on stilts.

[water splashing]

A rock splashes in water.

At the Visitor Centre, a young girl counts whale vertebrae on display.

A hiker arrives at a lookout and peers through a telescope.

Stretches of old growth forest extends down to coves and inlets.

[canopy branches creaking]

Towering trees sway beneath a blue sky.

Two hikers, one using a walker and the other using a cane, stroll across a wooden pedestrian bridge that crosses a calm river.

They reach a path through the woods.

At a campsite, young people pitch a tent.

Later that night, they laugh around a campfire as they roast marshmallows.

[tent zipping]

In the darkness, they zip themselves into their tent.

Autumn leaves float on water. A downy woodpecker perches on a branch.

A man stands on the porch of his oTENTik canvas cabin. On the lawn in front of the accommodation, his partner sits in a muskoka chair sipping from a mug.

Later, they stand at the water’s edge. The man has his arm around the woman as he points across the bay.

[loon calling]

The couple kayaks across the water.

People hike a trail along a rocky bluff.

They pause at the edge of a ridge to view a vast maze of inlets and coves winding through lush boreal forest.

[song crescendos]

A senior couple stands at a cliff’s edge. They gesture to the forest stretching out to the horizon illuminated in warm evening light.

[loon calling]

Words appear: Feel the Rhythm of Nature. Discover Terra Nova National Park. parkscanada.gc.ca/terranova.

Voiceover: A message from the Government of Canada.

[first notes of "O Canada" play]

The word Canada appears in white on a black background. A small Canadian flag, with its central red maple leaf, perches atop the final ‘a’ in Canada.

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