Many fun-filled activities await you in Terra Nova National Park!

Junior Naturalist Program
Activity Centre
Kids, are you looking for a fun and exciting club to join this summer? Come along to any of our Junior Naturalist programs and you'll get your Junior Naturalist Club card. Collect stamps and receive a prize!

Hug-a-Tree and Survive is an AdventureSmart program that helps lost children survive in the woods and teaches them what to do should they become lost. An excellent program for anyone who likes to camp or explore the outdoors!

Art in the Park
Be a part of this artistic adventure. Participants will learn new techniques every week to create fun and exciting works of art.

Have you ever wanted to try the ukulele? Join us for an introduction to the instrument and a beginner lesson. Learn a few chords and maybe play a song or two!

Kids show Shaun Majumder their favourite things about Terra Nova National Park

Transcript 00:02 Shaun Majumder: Hey! If you're a kid, Terra Nova's awesome, because I am here with the core 00:08 group of The Adventure Club, Terra Nova National Park. Am I right? We're The Adventure 00:14 Club! You're the President/CEO, right? 00:16 Kid: I thought everybody was! 00:19 Shaun Majumder: Everybody is the president. I like that about everybody. 00:39 Shaun Majumder: Do you explore the beach? What kind of stuff do you like to find on the beach? 00:49 just go and find and touch and pick up? Do you know where we can find some 00:57 Kid: Yeah! It's a fish but it looks like a star. 01:01 Shaun Majumder: Yeah? What about crabs? Do you see crabs? 01:04 Kid: Yeah! A lot at beaches, especially. 01:10 Kids: Yeah. 01:12 Shaun Majumder: What do you like about Terra Nova? You spend a fair bit of time coming camping? Like your parents bring you? 01:35 You know what? It's, oh, hello? Yeah. You want to speak to Quinn? Do you want to talk to them? Yeah, she's right here. 01:48 Quinn: Is this the ocean? I think the ocean and the wind is speaking. 01:57 Shaun Majumder: And it's telling us to go explore. Come on guys, let's go explore! Come on, let's go!