This trail is now shared access for visitors and moose hunters. it is recommended to wear blaze orange when hiking this trail. Find out more information about the moose management program here.

Stroll this gentle loop around the tranquil waters of Sandy Pond and enjoy the boreal forest at its best. Look for ferns, mushrooms and snowberries beneath the black spruce and balsam fir trees. Watch for ducks swimming along the pond’s edge. Have a lunch at one of our picnic tables nestled in the woods beside the pond.

Trail details

Level of Difficulty




3 km loop



1 hour


Sandy Pond Day Use Area; located approximately 3 km off Route 1 (TransCanada Highway); roughly in the middle of the park.



Wet in spots, beavers, pitcher plants, ferns, orchids, mushrooms, caribou



End of boardwalk by swimming beach or from 2nd parking lot


GPS Coordinates

48 29 33.26000 N
-54 1 11.37002 W

Trail Map

Map of Sandy Pond Trail