Adventure at sea level

Be startled by a seal pup popping up, curious, in front of your kayak; an osprey soars past, a freshly caught fish in his claws. Dip your paddle and watch a whale breach against a backdrop of drifting icebergs. Bald eagles perch tree-top on a headland. With over 200 kilometres (124 miles) of rugged shoreline to explore including long fjords surrounded by Terra Nova’s boreal forest, sea kayaking the Atlantic Ocean is an exhilarating interaction with Newfoundland’s wild side. Launch from Newman Sound on a self-guided or guided adventure and travel far on multi-day trips, or stick closer to shore on shorter, calmer routes, paddling along sheltered coves and inlets and camp at one of our backcountry campsites, sleeping under the stars to the rhythm of the waves.

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