Over 200 km of coastline and numerous river, lakes, and ponds beckon water enthusiasts to Terra Nova National Park. Canoeing, sea and river kayaking has become a great way to discover the natural beauty of Terra Nova. For more information, please consult the table below or call the park at 709-533-2801.

Name Distance (return trip)  Time



Sandy Pond 2 km  1 hour

 Freshwater; can be windy


Sandy Pond to Beachy Pond* 6 km  2 hours 

 Freshwater; can be windy


Sandy Pond to Dunphy's Pond* 20 km  8 - 10 hours

  A large freshwater lake; can be windy


Inner Newman Sound 12 km 5 hours



Southwest Arm 11 km 5 hours



Alexander Bay 18 km 8 hours



* Includes 1 km portage