Beloved Canadian (and Newfoundland and Labrador native) actor and comedian Shaun Majumder took some time to explore the beauty of Terra Nova National Park. Watch the video to find out why he thinks Terra Nova has to be your next travel destination. 

Why Shaun Majumder thinks you need to explore Terra Nova National Park


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Shaun Majumder: I love a good walk in the woods in Newfoundland and Labrador. " This place has it all. Newfoundland and Labrador is one of those magical playgrounds that wherever you go it's like the urban landscape is encroaching on THIS. I mean, you can't go anywhere in Newfoundland and not be in this place. There are two o fthe most amazing national parks that exist in the country, right here on the island of Newfoundland. You have Terra Nova National Park, one of the best hidden gems in all of Canada. The campgrounds are spectacular - super family friendly but yet, it has that sense of danger that every explorer wants to have. From high cliffs to backcountry camping, to spectacular scenery, to major climbs, to being out in the occean and sea kayaks. Seeing whales and icebergs. I mean, that's what this place has. And if you haven't come to Newfoundland yet, please do. And when you come, make sure you visit Terra Nova National Park. Don't just drive through the park, turnoff, visit the

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Want to experience Terra Nova National Park like Shaun Majumder? We’ve provided all the info to make it happen:  

00:01 Heritage Trail

Terra Nova has a wide range of hiking trails. Enjoy leisurely strolls, like this one, located right next to the Visitor Centre, or experience more challenging treks for the avid adventurer. Hike your way through them all!

00:07 Happy Adventure Tours

With over 200 km of coastline, Terra Nova National Park is where the lush boreal forest meets the tranquil inlets of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the perfect place to get out and explore the water. See whales, icebergs, puffins, and much more. Happy Adventure Tours is conveniently located at the Terra Nova National Park Visitor Centre.

00:08 Ochre Hill 

The view from Ochre Hill is one of the most spectacular vistas in the park. Take in the panoramic landscape from the easily accessible Ochre Hill Lookout, or if you have more time, enjoy the stunning Ochre Hill Trail.

00:21 Little Denier

This is puffin paradise! See Happy Adventure Tours, above.

00:26 Blue Flag Iris

Terra Nova has an abundance of natural beauty. Take a guided hike with one of our knowledgeable interpreters to learn more about the flora and fauna of Terra Nova. We have a bird watch, a beaver hike, and “Taste of Nature” - a guided hike where you can experience Terra Nova in the context of traditional plant use.

00:30 Malady Head Campground

Malady Head Campground is one of two campgrounds in Terra Nova National Park. Get back to the basics and celebrate the beauty of the outdoors in this rustic and traditional campground. Enjoy a fire on your campsite, watch the stars, and be reminded of how peaceful it can be to disconnect from our busy lives and experience nature with friends and family. 

00:46 Kayaking

Paddling in Terra Nova National Park is an experience like no other. Kayak in peaceful, calm waters of Sandy Pond or Southwest Arm, or venture further outside into the outer coast to find high cliffs and caves. Kayaks can be rented from Sandy Pond Concession or Happy Adventure Tours. 

01:02 Malady Head 

You can hike to Malady Head via the Malady Head Trail. There are other incredible look out points in Terra Nova National Park including the summit to Mount Stamford, which can be accessed via the Outport Trail. If you do not have time to make the 32 km trek, contact Happy Adventure Tours about the Sea to Summit experience. They will provide a boat transfer service to Minchin’s Cove where you can access the summit of Mount Stamford in 4 km. 

01:06 Inner Newman Sound

Accessible through Newman Sound Campground, this peaceful spot is especially magical at low tide when you can walk out onto the ocean’s floor.