Latest important bulletins

Dogs Prohibited on Ski Trails

Pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, dogs are prohibited on the groomed ski trails by order of the superintendent, Gros Morne National Park of Canada:

Where: All ski trails in the Visitor Centre area.

Why: This prohibition is to prevent damage to the groomed ski trail; and to prevent conflicts with other users.

Note:Any contravention of this notice constitutes an offence under section 24(2) of the Canada National Parks Act. Failure to comply with that Act, the applicable park regulations or this notice may be grounds for prosecution under the Canada National Parks Act.

Start Date: 2020/02/25
End Date: 2020/04/30

Moose Population Reduction Program Set to Open In Gros Morne National Park

ROCKY HARBOUR, NL, September 19, 2019 – The moose population reduction program in Gros Morne National Park will open on September 21, 2019, and close on January 26, 2020. There are three different hunting zones within the national park boundary with different opening dates for each zone, and a fourth zone that is closed to hunting.

  • Zone 1 opens Saturday, September 21, 2019. This zone is limited to backcountry areas greater than 2 km from park highways.
  • Zone 2 opens Saturday, October 19, 2019. This zone includes the majority of areas open to hunting and is accessible by road.
  • Zone 3 opens Saturday, November 16, 2019. This zone surrounds Killdevil Camp and areas adjacent to frequently-used park trails.
  • Zone 4 is closed to hunting.

The Gros Morne National Park moose management program began in 2011 as part of a broader initiative to improve forest health that was being significantly impacted from over-browsing. The park’s moose population is managed in co-operation with the Wildlife Division of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, using the provincial big-game licensing system. Visitor safety is a priority for Parks Canada. During the moose population reduction period, some hiking trails will be impacted in different areas of the park, and visitors should pay attention to signage indicating areas where hunting is taking place. Individuals planning to visit Gros Morne this fall and winter should review maps and safety information at: 

Park User Permits

Pursuant to section 7.1(2) of the National Parks General Regulations the following designated activities in the park require a personal use permit by order of the Superintendent, Gros Morne National Park of Canada.

  • Visitor Center
  • Hiking
  • Cultural Interpretive Exhibits
  • Interpretive Programs
  • Day Use and Picnic Areas
  • Boat Launches and Docks
  • Viewing Areas
  • Roadside and Trailside Exhibits
  • Camping
  • Skiing and snowshoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Boat Tours
  • Parking
  • Beaches
  • Fishing
  • The following superintendent notices are in effect in Gros Morne National Park:

  • Angling Restriction 
  • Park User Permits
  • Area of closure - Gros Morne Mountain (New trail to base) (Jan 24th, 2019)
  • Closure of all river and brooks to Salmon fishing in Gros Morne National Park
  • Area of closure - Wallace Brook Trail / Green Gardens (May 2018)
  • Campground Liquor and Cannabis Prohibition
  • Restriction on Angling NEW!
  • Current Important Information BulletinsDogs Prohibited on Ski Trails

  • Dogs Prohibited on Ski Trails
  • Moose Population Reduction
  • Roads Work 
  • Trout River Closure
  • Gros Morne Mountain Closure
  • End of 2019 Snowmobiling Season
  • Gros Morne Closure
  • Immediate Snowmobiling Closure
  • Lowlands Closure
  • Shallow Bay Day Use Area and Ski Trails Closed Temporarily (Feb. 13, 2019)
  • UPDATE Western Brook Pond Project Update ( Jan 22, 2019)
  • Cannabis Legalization and use in Parks Canada places in NL (Oct. 17, 2018)
  • Lookout Trail temporarily closed until spring 2019 to complete construction. (Oct 15, 2018)
  • Western Brook Pond infrastructure upgrades resume (Oct 10, 2018)
  • UPDATE Western Brook Pond Project Update (Oct. 1st)
  • All Rivers and Brooks in Gros Morne National Park Closed to Salmon Fishing ( July 23, 2018)
  • Work to Revitalize National Park Trails Underway (June 26, 2018)
  • Government of Canada Invests in Gros Morne National Park (June 20, 2018)
  • Past Information Bulletins

  • Campground Liquor Prohibition
  • 2018 Salmon Angling in Gros Morne National Park (May 30, 2018)
  • Area of Closure - Gros Morne Mountain (May -June) 
  • Gros Morne Mountain Closed in May and June (Annual Closure) (April 27, 2018)
  • Western Brook Pond Revitalization (Oct. 27, 2017)
  • Snowmobiling Closure for the 2018 Season (April 24, 2018)
  • Winter Trouting Season Open (Feb. 1, 2018)
  • Deer Arm Brook Bridge (old) Removal (Feb. 13, 2018)
  • Lane Closure at Mill Brook Bridge (Feb. 12, 2018)