Half a billion years in the making – formed deep in the middle layer of the Earth, in the mantle. It was thrust up as ancient continents collided, building the Appalachian Mountain chain and assembling a supercontinent called Pangea! 
More that 400 million years of those towering mountains eroding were needed to reveal what we see today: a surreal barren, orange landscape -- the Earth's inner soul: the mantle - exposed to you the way few have seen it.


How do you want to experience the Tablelands?


Hike it on Your Own

Map of the Tablelands $3 map or $5 waterproof map. Available at the Discovery Centre and the Visitor Centre.
Pick up a map and plan your off trail route to some of the most picturesque landscapes in Gros Morne National Park. Plan a full day hike to the top of the Tablelands or a half-day adventure. Flip the map around and learn about the unique geology and flora on the Tablelands. Makes a great souvenir!

Trout River Pond water taxi

Trout River Pond Trail The path less traveled. Hike along the shore of Trout River Pond and into the heart of the Tablelands. Accessible by two feet and a heartbeat, this trail can best be described as pristine.

Watch it all Unfold

Take in the views - Pull back the lens to see the beauty of the Tablelands in striking contrast to the surrounding green hills and blue saltwater. The Lookout Trail and the communities of Norris Point and Woody Point offer beautiful and different vistas of the Tablelands – check it out!

Drive the scenic route 431 - The road between Woody Point and Trout River is truly one of the most spectacular you'll see.  What strikes you most is the contrast of colour between the mountains that tower above you. One side is lush green; the other, a brilliant, amber colour - all divided, it would seem, by the yellow line of the highway.