Note: Injury, illness, hypothermia and poor visibility are some of the realities of winter travel in Gros Morne National Park. Be prepared - you could be out overnight without shelter!

Personal Clothing
  • long underwear top and bottom (quick drying such as polypro)
  • sock liners (polypro) and socks (wool or synthetic equivalent)
  • tops and pants (fleece or wool)
  • shell jacket and pants (water/wind proof, breathable)
  • vest (synthetic or down)
  • heavy top (fleece or wool)
  • hat (fleece or wool) and balaclava
  • mitts (fleece or wool) and water/wind proof and breathable over mitts

Make sure that you carry extra layers of clothing for warmth when you stop or if your clothing becomes wet!

  • backcountry skis (or snowshoes), boots, poles
  • goggles and/or sunglasses
  • insulated sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag
  • food and water
  • first aid kit (with additional survival gear)
  • matches and candle (or headlamp with spare batteries)
  • map and compass
  • ski waxes
  • shovel
  • stove, fuel and cooking pot
  • repair kit (pliers, screwdriver, ski tip, duct tape, wire)
  • plastic bags (keep clothing dry!)

If you travel into the mountainous areas, prepare for hazards such as avalanches, cold exposure, and whiteout conditions!