The Mi’kmaq Story

Oral tradition holds that the Mi'kmaq have continuously occupied the island since prehistoric times. There is the presence of Mi’kmaq hunting, fishing, and living here long before European settlement began. Today many people along the west coast of Newfoundland celebrate their Mi’kmaq ancestry. Join us in one of our Mi’kmaq programs as we celebrate and honour the traditions of the Mi’kmaq people of the island of Newfoundland.

How do you want to experience the Mi’kmaq Story?

Medicine Walk - Guided walk (1h): July 1 - September 7,  Lobster Cove Head Tuesday 2:00pm, Discovery Centre Thursday 2:00pm .
Join a Parks Canada guide for a gentle walk to explore what grows in our forests and it can be used as nutrition and used to treat various ailments. Walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before to learn the traditional uses of plants and berries.

Mattie Mitchell Trail - .5km loop (0.25h)
Mattie Mitchell was a well-known Mi’kmaw guide who has been recognized as a person of national historic significance. This short interpretive trail tells the story of Mattie Mitchell and the Mi’kmaq in Newfoundland. Mattie Mitchell was a renowned Mi’kmaw hunter, guide and prospector. He made an exceptional contribution to the exploration and mapping of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and to the development of the emerging Newfoundland economy of forestry and mining in the 20th century.