As a national park visitor, you share this natural area with bears and other wildlife that depend on it for their survival.

Although bears are naturally wary of humans, they are unpredictable. By following the tips below, you’ll help us keep the “wild” in wildlife along with protecting the Park’s black bear population.


  1. Do not feed bears — Feeding wildlife in a national park is illegal

    Once bears become accustomed to being fed by people, they stop looking for their natural foods and lose their fear of humans. This makes them more likely to be dangerous, creating a public safety issue.

  2. Leave no trace — keep food smells to a minimum
    • Properly store the items below in your vehicle instead of your tent or tent-trailer as they attract wildlife:
      • Food and food-related items (such as packaging, dishes and coolers)
      • Items containing artificial scents (such as soap, lotions, toothpaste, etc.)
    • Properly dispose of cooking water
      • Use sinks instead of pouring it on the ground
    • Properly dispose of your garbage – this includes food scraps and other biodegradable items
      • Use the Park’s animal-proof garbage bins
      • Do not dispose of garbage in your fire pit