Aegolius acadicus

The Saw-whet Owl is the smallest amongst owl species found in Eastern Canada. While standing, it only measures 20 centimeters in height. At flight, it has a wingspan that varies between 42 to 47 centimeters in length. In addition to its small size, this species is easily recognisable by its white-doted brown plumage, its bright yellow-orange eyes, its black beak and lightly feathered feet.

Additionally, the Saw-whet Owl exclusively hunts at night. As food source, it mainly seeks little rodents such as mice but also eats small birds (like Chickadees) and even hunts frogs and insects like grasshoppers and beetles.

The Saw-whet Owl usually rests in branches nearest the trunk. Typically, this species inhabits dense coniferous and deciduous (or leafy) forests with humid or marsh-like soils. During mating season the female lays 4 to 7 eggs, which she broods for 26 to 28 days.