During a short period each year, from about mid-July to late September, many kinds of shorebirds such as this Short-billed Dowitcher will visit Kouchibouguac National Park's estuaries.

While present, they feed practically non-stop on a smorgasbord of invertebrates that live in these habitats, such as marine worms, some crustaceans and even certain young bivalves such as Soft-shelled clams, which some birds may even swallow whole.

The importance of the park's and the region's estuaries to the survival of many individuals and species can really not be overstated. With the constant influx of nutrients brought in the rivers' currents and augmented and circulated by each tidal cycle, the vast estuaries of Kouchibouguac National Park are incredibly rich natural systems.

In addition to harbouring a wide array of life year-round, they play host to many more seasonally, such as the more than two dozen species of shorebirds like the Dowitcher, most of which only use these habitats for a very short but absolutely vital time.