We are modernizing and improving our services at Kouchibouguac National Park in order to better serve our guests. Due to infrastructure upgrades, some campground opening dates have been changed.

UPDATE: Some work has been completed ahead of schedule. Sites 1-184 (Loops 1 and 2) at South Kouchibouguac will be opening on June 13. Reservations for these sites will become available on June 7 at 10 am (AST). At this time, sites 185-312 (Loop 3) remains closed until June 27.

Kouchibouguac National Park’s camping reservations are now open for the 2019 camping season. Visitors can now reserve a campsite at Côte-à-Fabien for stays between June 1 and September 2 or at South Kouchibouguac for stays between June 27 and October 28.

South Kouchibouguac Campground

Openings for all 311 sites of South Kouchibouguac Campground have been delayed until Thursday, June 27, 2019 due to many infrastructure upgrades happening in the South Kouchibouguac Campground, as well as on the Parkway Road (Kollock Creek Bridge) which leads to the campground. To offset this delay to the camping season, South Kouchibouguac Campground will extend its camping season offer until Monday, October 28, 2019.

These infrastructure upgrades include:

  • Replacement of the Kollock Creek Bridge
  • Completion of renovations to five Service Buildings within South Kouchibouguac Campground
  • Completion of renovations to Ryans and Kellys Concession Buildings
  • Completion of renovations to South Kouchibouguac Campground Outdoor Theatre
  • Building E will be in construction for the entire 2019 camping season. Sites 197, 202, 234 and 235 have been blocked off for the season in order to accommodate portable bathroom units as well as to accommodate the storing of materials. Visitors can expect some construction noise during daytime hours.
  • An Important electrical upgrade to the main line in the third loop of South Kouchibouguac Campground
  • Construction of a new water treatment facility in the third loop of South Kouchibouguac Campground

Côte-à-Fabien Campground

Côte-à-Fabien Campground will proceed with its normal operating season opening from June 1 until September 2.


Construction work being undertaken on the Kollock Bridge requires some trail closures in the Park. The Major Kollock mountain bike trail is closed until further notice. The Salt Marsh Trail will remain open.

The trail (bike path) between Loggiecroft Road and the Claire Fontaine Trail is closed until further notice. This closure is necessary in order to complete the work associated with the new Rankin Brook Bridge. This closure does not affect the trail (bike path) from Middle Kouchibouguac to Côte-À-Fabien. The trail remains open from Pointe-Sapin to the Claire Fontaine Trail.