Kouchibouguac’s nature trails encourage you to get up close to the park’s plants and animals. Most of the trails are long enough to experience life in the habitat and short enough for all skill levels. We encourage you to do more than one... they all offer something different!

Trail Conditions

Conditions can vary on a daily basis:

Trail Distance
Time Habitats Level
Beaver 1.4 km 60 minutes Forest, fresh water Easy
Bog 1.9 km 60 to 90 minutes Forest, bog, fresh water Easy
Claire-Fontaine 3.3 km 60 to 90 minutes Forest, fresh water, lagoon, salt marsh Easy
Kellys Beach Boardwalk 1.2 km 30 to 45 minutes Salt marsh, lagoon, dunes Easy
Kouchibouguac River 11.3 km 4.5 to 5 hours Forest, fresh water, fields Medium
Mi'kmaq Cedar 0.9 km 60 minutes Forest, estuary, salt marsh, fresh water Easy
Osprey 5.1 km 1.5 to 2 hours Forest, fresh water, lagoon, salt marsh Easy
Pines 0.9 km 30 minutes Forest Easy
Tweedie 1.1 km 45 minutes Fields, forest, fresh water Easy
Salt Marsh 0.9 km 30 minutes Salt marsh, forest, estuary Easy