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Equipped Campsites provide the opportunity to go camping even if you don’t have camping equipment or simply want to avoid the hassle of organizing and packing everything for your camping trip.

The equipped campsite includes of a Prospector tent, 2 Adirondacks chairs, cots, sleeping pads, stove, a propane tank, lantern and bug shelter. You will need to bring a sense of adventure and your personal items. See full packing list (PDF - 81 KB) to make sure you bring everything you need.

Kouchibouguac's equipped campsites are located in the South Kouchibouguac campground.

Equipped campsites, at a glance

  • Hassle-free family vacations
  • Awesome trips with friends
  • Easy camping for international travellers
  • Equipment you don’t have to buy or borrow

Camping in Kouchibouguac National Park

A group of friends at their campsite

Reserve your campsite! Call 1-877-RESERVE (737-3783) or reserve online at

A stack of firewood

Going camping? You might want to think twice about throwing a few pieces of firewood into the trunk of the car. Parks Canada is reminding campers of the dangers of moving firewood.

A father and daughter making a fire near an oTENTik

The Parks Canada oTENTik is a spacious blend of tent and rustic cabin equipped with beds and furniture on a raised floor.