This activity will not be offered this year due to COVID-19 restricitons.

The word "Mawiomi" is derived from the Mi'gmaq language and means "gathering.” With an invitation to all nations, the Mawiomi will take place on a traditional and sacred Mi'gmaq land. This gathering demonstrates the beauty, strength, spirit and resilience of the Mi'gmaq culture and traditions. The Mawiomi offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Mi'gmaq culture, as well as the opportunity to share and create strong bonds within the community!


Callanders Beach, Kouchibouguac National Park


  • Spirituality: Smudging ceremonies and prayers
  • Music and Dance: Traditional songs, percussion and dance
  • Art: Artists and craftsmen at work and works displayed on sites
  • Food: Presentation and sharing of dishes
  • Storytelling: Stories and legends
  • Games: Indigenous traditional games