An adult and a child fishing in Bennett Lake
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Fish play important ecological roles: they prey on other aquatic life, control insect populations and are a critical food supply for fish-eating wildlife like loons. Problems such as acid rain, over fishing, inappropriate stocking and competition with non-native species have stressed our aquatic ecosystems.

Aquatic species are five times more likely to become extinct than terrestrial species! Once numerous in the now closed Point Wolfe and Upper Salmon Rivers; the endangered Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon is a case in point. Research in our lakes points to small trout populations, living in nutrient poor systems, some suffering genetically from fishing pressure.

Today Parks Canada promotes native fish species and overall integrity of aquatic habitats. Research, management programs and your participation by observing fishing regulations, aim to ensure the preservation of Brook Trout and ecosystems upon which they depend.  

Bennett and Wolfe Lakes are the only water open
to fishing in Fundy National Park of Canada.

Other systems are closed to protect salmon or small,
vulnerable populations of Brook Trout.


Bennett Lake is open to trout fishing from the Saturday of Victoria Day long weekend in May to September 15. Wolfe Lake will be open to trout fishing from June 6 to September 15.

National Park Fishing License

In an effort to manage the sport fishery, a National Park Fishing Licence is required to fish in all national parks. Daily and Seasonal licenses can be purchased at Bennett Lake and at the park’s Visitor Reception Centre. The only exception is that a person under 16 years of age may fish for trout without a license if accompanied by a person 16 years of age or older who is the holder of a valid National Park Fishing License. The catch of the person under the age of 16 must be included in the daily catch and possession limit of the license holder.

Catch limit

The total park-wide daily catch limit is 5 (five) Brook Trout. Of this daily catch, a maximum of 2 (two) Brook Trout may be caught in Wolfe Lake. Fundy National Park encourages catch and release fishing.

Do not fish off the dam at Bennett Lake.
Respect fishing regulations and protect vulnerable fish.

By reporting your catch you contribute to fisheries management. Park Wardens, whose duties include fish protection, may require you to present your equipment, permit, bait, or fish when fishing or in possession of fishing equipment in a National Park.

Canada's National Parks Act

General Fishing Regulations

Help protect Brook Trout by adhering to the following regulations:

  • Purchase a national park fishing permit. 
  • To improve survival of released fish; angling is permitted only with a barbless hook or a fishhook where the barbs have been pinched to the shaft of the hook. 
  • Fly-fishing is the only angling method permitted at Wolfe Lake.


  • Fish with or possess within 100 meters of Park waters natural bait and chemical attractants. 
  • Use lead tackle (sinkers, jigs, lures, and flies) under 50 grams. Lost lead can poison birds such as loons, ducks and geese. 
  • Use lures with more than 2 gang hooks or a line capable of catching more than one fish at a time. 
  • Fish with more than one line at a time. 
  • Fish in closed waters. 
  • Leave your fishing line unattended. 
  • Fish from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. 
  • Allow your catch to spoil or to be wasted. 
  • Sell, trade or barter any fish caught. 
  • Add to population stress by introducing non-native species of fish by placing live fish or fish eggs in any park water or transfer them between bodies of water. 
  • Place any food for fish in park waters.

Other regulations aimed at protecting fish populations may apply. To learn more, please enquire at the Visitor Reception Centre or with a Park Warden.

Get involved in monitoring brook trout at Fundy National Park!

Did you know that Fundy National Park’s Resource Conservation personnel monitor brook trout populations as an indicator of freshwater ecosystem health? As part of our ongoing population monitoring program, we are conducting a creel census to examine brook trout health and abundance in Bennett and Wolfe Lakes, and are asking anglers to report their catches to help us in these efforts. Creel census forms are attached to Fundy National Park’s fishing guide but additional forms may be found at any park kiosk or at the Bennett Lake boat rentals.