Geocaching is a fun and rewarding outdoor adventure that combines hiking and treasure hunting. The goal is to find hidden containers known as caches or geocaches using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Those who practice this activity are called cachers or geocachers.

Geocaching is a great family activity that provides excitement, exercise, and fresh air. In Fundy National Park, there are 15 official geocaches. Each year, we create 5 new caches to replace the 5 oldest ones. The caches take you on adventures to different sites and scenic vistas throughout the park and weave in stories about its natural and cultural history.

Fundy National Park would like to express its appreciation for the work of its partners, Cache Up NB and the Fundy Guild, for bringing you a fine geocaching experience.

To participate

  • Go to this website and print this year’s Fundy geocaching passport. This gives you the coordinates you will need to find the caches hidden in the park.
  • Bring along a GPS device. If you do not own one, the Fundy Guild (the park’s cooperating association) rents GPS units at their boutique located at the Visitor Centre.
  • Find each cache in the park (please stay on the trails). The caches are little green plastic boxes.
  • Read the cache information, and punch the passport with the tool provided.
  • Return the cache where you found it.
  • Bring your completed passport to the Visitor Centre to receive your Fundy geocoin (a limited number is available).
  • The older Fundy National Park geocaches coordinates can still be found on You are invited to find these caches as well if you have not already done so... more caches is more fun!

Useful Links

Cache Up NB
Friends of Fundy