Experience Fundy National Park's Outdoor Classroom!

Offer your students the chance to connect with nature through hands-on experiential educational programs that complement your curriculum! Spend some time outside of the classroom to discover the breathtaking beauty and the unique ecosystems of Fundy National Park. Allow our park interpreters to share their love for this place with your class as well as their enthusiasm and knowledge of Fundy’s ecosystems, wildlife and unique features.

Fall 2018 Program Offer

  • Diversity of ocean life

    Suitable for grades: K-12
    Duration: up to 2 hours
    Group size: Up to 100
    Curriculum topic links: how animals meet their needs, life cycles, adaptations, food chains, tides, ecosystem interactions, habitats, ecological roles, biodiversity

    Discover the unique creatures that live on Fundy’s beaches and how they are specially adapted to the challenging environment we call the intertidal zone. Learn about the awesome power of the world’s highest tides as you explore the ocean floor and meet some members of this unique community of living beings. Learn about the lives of some of these predators, prey, carnivores, herbivores and scavengers and how they interact with each other in these ever-changing conditions.

  • Bug bioblitz bonanza

    Suitable for grades: 3 - 12
    Duration: up to 2 hours
    Group size: Up to 40
    Curriculum links: biodiversity, characteristics of insects, ecological roles, life cycles, citizen science, taxonomy, classification

    Through a fun variety of hands-on activities, we will take a closer look at the world of insects that may represent 90% of all species on Earth. Your students will experience the diversity, adaptations, predator-prey relationships and life histories of some easy to find, charismatic insect groups – Aquatic Insects, Lady Beetles, Grasshoppers, Dragonflies, Moths and Butterflies.

  • Through the eyes of a chickadee

    Suitable for grades: K-6
    Duration: up to 2 hours
    Group size: Up to 60
    Curriculum links: The senses, exploration, seasonal change, how animals and plants meet their needs, food chains, ecological roles

    If you were a black-capped chickadee, how would you prepare for winter? Learn about seasonal change in the forest and how animals prepare for the colder temperatures, how they fulfill their needs and overcome challenges like finding food in winter, avoiding predators and staying warm.

  • Preservation conservation: The ultimate navigation challenge

    Suitable for grades: 9 - 12
    Duration: up to 3 hours
    Group size: Up to 30
    Curriculum links: Active living, wilderness skills, ecology, teamwork, leadership. Outdoor pursuits, species at risk, stewardship, conservation, survival, animal's needs, population ecology.

    This fall, we’re teaming up with Orienteering NB to offer an exciting new program for high schools students! Connect with and spend time in nature through a hands-on physical challenge, while acquiring wilderness navigation skills (map and compass) as well as learning about Fundy National Park, it’s species at risk, and the role parks play in conservation and stewardship.

    Note: This program has two parts: the orienteering activity and section about animal survival; the group is divided in two (unless the group size is 15 or under). Please contact us for more details.

  • Eco-evidence salmon excursion

    Suitable for grades: 6 - 12
    Duration: up to 2 hours
    Group size: Up to 60
    Curriculum links: Citizen science, endangered species, restoration, river systems, ecological monitoring.

    Join interpreters for an excursion on the Dickson Falls trail as they share the saga, of the near extinction of the Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon and the efforts made to save the population. We will search for freshwater invertebrates in Dickson Brook to record population density of our precious salmon’s food source, which will then be used by biologists at UNB to track the health of the salmon and ecosystem.


Program fees are $2.40 per student. The fee doesn’t apply to teachers and parent volunteers. Please collect the fee beforehand and pay at the Visitor Centre’s front desk upon your arrival at Fundy National Park. Cheques can be made payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

How to register

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Spots are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between September 5 and October 31. Not all programs can be offered every day, as some are tide-dependent. Please contact us for more information and to register: email mira.dietzchiasson.pc.gc.ca or call the interpretation office at 506-887-6028.

Upon arrival

Your interpreter(s) will meet you in the parking lot of the Visitor Centre at the agreed upon arrival time. We usually allow 10-15 minutes for students to use the washrooms and grab a snack before the start of the program.