Fundy National Park’s staff and local partners provide you with a variety of opportunities to experience a landscape and a culture shaped by the Bay of Fundy. Our local experts share their knowledge and love for this place while offering insights into the best of Fundy.

For detailed programming of all activities, you can download a copy, pick up a schedule at the Visitor Centres, a park kiosk, or watch for the bulletin boards throughout the park.

Download the detailed programming of all activities

2019 interpretation programs


Beach Explorations

Walk on the bottom of the bay and catch the rising tide. Join us for stories of tides and the things that live in that world between high and low tide.

Alma Beach - Meet at Alma Beach parking lot
Herring Cove - Meet at Herring Cove parking area

Beaver Watch

Ever wonder where the saying “busy as a beaver” came from? Come witness the work of this curious rodent at the heart of its natural habitat and learn more about Canada’s favourite flat-tailed engineer!

Meet at the Visitor Centre parking lot

Bedtime stories

If you go out in the woods tonight... be sure to wear your pajamas and bring a teddy bear.

Meet us at the Headquarters Visitor Reception Centre for story time with Raven

Bennett Lake Paddle

Come for a quiet morning paddle to enjoy the serenity of the lake. Arrive 20 minutes early if you need to arrange boat rentals with Outdoor Elements.

Bennett Lake

Busy Bees, Beautiful Butterflies and Fabled Fundy Flower Flies - Salt and Fir Centre

Join Denis for fun-filled exploration in imagery, stories, games and music that celebrate these fascinating critters. We will be delving into the wonderful world of pollinators and a few more special friends that call Fundy their home.

Salt and Fir Centre

Camp Fire Cook

Come and join the old times lumber-camp cook and his cookies as they prepare a mighty stew of stories and songs from the Fundy woods. The cook and his crew will share some traditional fare tall tales and sing-alongs with a good mix of timely messages for the 21st century. Presented by Fredericton's Calithumpians.

Chignecto Recreation Area campfire circle

Campfire: Surviving the Fundy Circuit

Do you think you are up for the challenge? Why not try the Fundy Circuit. Join Morley, Anna and Kaylie as they experience the highs, lows, joys and sorrows of Fundy's greatest hiking adventure. Bring a mug, flashlight and your sense of fun!

Chignecto Recreation Area campfire circle

Cannontown Beach Walk (1.5 h)

Come explore with us. Don’t miss this unique Fundy shore exploration. Old sneakers or rubber boots are recommended.

Meet us at the swimming pool parking lot

Edible Ocean Adventure ($)

From the marsh to the wharf to a boil up on the beach. Come foraging with us. Bring an adventurous palate.

Fossil Walk (2 h)

Everything you wanted to know about rocks and fossils, but never asked. Join Anna and Morley for a good rock hounding time. Meet at the Alma Beach parking lot. Cars will be needed.

Fundy Night Life ($) (2 h)

Awaken your senses with an evening journey through the forest. Let us show you the Fundy night life that exists when the lights go out.

Fundy Photo Safari

Photographer, Brian Townsend, will share favourite locations as well as camera handling and composition tips. Young photography enthusiasts are welcome.

Pick up free tickets at the Headquarters Visitor Centre

Hug a Tree

Exploring nature is fun, but it can be dangerous. The "Hug a Tree and Survive" program helps kids understanding the danger of exploring the woods and what to do if they get lost.

Meet at the Chignecto Pavilion

iNaturalist BioBlitz

Discover some of Fundy’s most attractive, important and cool critters. Fun-filled hands-on activity for the whole family! Includes an intro to a great “app” for adding your own observations, wherever your travels may take you.

Please see schedule for location

Parka's Pollinator Planting Party

Lend a hand and come plant with us in our new pollinator garden.

Across from the Headquarters Visitors Centre

Spotlight on: Fundy’s trails

The heart of the Fundy experience lies in its rich network of nature trails. As the seasons change, so do some of their unique natural highlights. Drop in to meet the interpreter at or near the trail head.

Take a Hike - Coppermine Trailhead

Celebrate Parks Day and come take a hike with us!


Bones and Bits - Exhibit

Get to know Fundy’s wildlife inside and out. Spend a few minutes at the Headquarters Visitor Reception Centre to test your animal identification skills.

Headquarters Visitor Reception Centre

Geocaching Fundy

Meet Anna and Katherine at the Headquarters Visitor Reception Centre for an introduction to Fundy's geocache program. Great for beginners to geocaching as a fun family activity and for everyone wanting to learn the best GPS apps to use on your phones.

Headquarters Visitor Reception Centre

Highest Tides! - Exhibit

Come experience the rise and fall of the highest tides in the world! A booth will be set up on the Alma Beach boardwalk to show off the star of Fundy National Park.

Alma Beach boardwalk

Looking for Loons - Exhibit

Drop by Wolfe Lake and spend a few minutes with Dominique to look for loons and learn about the lives of these awe-inspiring birds.

Wolfe Lake

Mayflies, Stoneflies and Damselflies: Oh My! - Exhibit

Come sneak a peek into the world of freshwater macro invertebrates with Park Interpreters, Morley and Kaylie, as they help you identify the critters that call Dickson Brook home.

Find them along the Dickson Falls Trail

Moose Break - Exhibit

Slow down for moose and stop for a few minutes with Dominique to learn more about these enormous animals.

Butland Lookoff, route 114

Friends of Fundy

Activities presented in collaboration with the "Friends of Fundy"

Art in the Park

Get inspired by the natural wonders of Fundy and get creative with art interns Brookie and Emma. Every week a new art adventure!

Meet at the Headquarters Natural Playground

Molly Kool: Tales and Tunes ($)

You are invited to a family-friendly kitchen party in the late 1940s. Fiddling, shanties, local gossip, and refreshments.

Sounds of Summer

The sweet, salty air is full of the sounds of summer and some of the finest music the Maritimes has to offer!

July 6 and 20 - Salt and Fir Centre
July 13 and 27 - Chignecto Pavilion (bring a lawn chair)


Cultural experiences presented in collaboration with the Wabanaki Tree Spirit Tours

Canada Day Blanket Exercise

A unique, interactive and participatory history lesson that teaches the history of indigenous peoples in Canada.

Pick up free tickets at the Headquarters Visitor Centre

Medicinal Forest Walk

Reconnect with the bounty of the forest and discover the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of a landscape shaped by the Bay of Fundy.

Pick up free tickets at the Headquarters Visitor Centre

Wabanaki Dream Catcher Workshop ($)

Learn to weave your own beautiful sacred creation. During this hands-on journey you will learn to create your own one-of-a-kind dream catcher.

Four Sisters Soup Experience ($)

Four Sisters Soup is made using hominy corn, squash, beans and sunflower seeds and or sunchokes. Corn is nixtamalized using hardwood ashes as taught to us by our ancestors. Come eat and learn about ancient food traditions as we enjoy a bowl of soup together.

Corn Husk Doll Demonstration

Corn husk dolls are made using the dry leaves or "husk" of a corn cob. Drop by the Chignecto Pavilion and spend a few minutes to learn how these traditional dolls are made.

Chignecto Pavilion

Porcupine Quill Workshop ($)

Porcupine quills are used by Wabanaki peoples to embellish their ceremonial objects. Come meet a Wabanaki Quillwork artist and learn how to make your own porcupine quill bracelet.

Drum Making Workshop ($)

The drum is a sacred instrument of the Wabanaki peoples as it has a long history with all humankind. Make your own drum and learn how to take care of your drum from a Wabanaki drum maker.

Rattle Making Workshop ($)

Wabanaki peoples make rattles out of turtle shells, sea shells, wood and many other materials. Come make a traditional rattle with a local Wabanaki artist and shake things up this summer!