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You would like to overnight in Fundy National Park, but would prefer a comfortable and hassle-free experience in this beautiful natural setting? Here is an offer you will not be able to resist. Come stay in a yurt at the Headquarters campground.

Fees vary depending on season.

What's a yurt?

A view of the interior of a yurt.
You will enjoy a great view of the night sky from the yurts!

The yurt is the traditional dwelling of nomads from Central Asia. Made to resist extreme climates, this circular shape abode has five basic elements: lattice walls, roof beams, a roof ring, a door, and a felt and hide covering. Since the 13th century, yurts have been used by nomadic horse herders as portable homes.

Fundy's yurts are a modernized version of the traditional yurt. They are cozy and warm with insulated walls and roof, and a propane stove. In the summer, the yurts are kept cool with windows, dome and door openings providing cross ventilation.

Your checklist

  • Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows
  • Food, drinks and a water container (Campground water is potable)
  • Camp stove for outdoor cooking
  • Cooking gear, eating utensils, dishes and a cooler
  • Slippers or indoor shoes - the first rule of keeping a clean yurt is to remove outdoor footwear
  • Matches or lighter to start fire in the cook shelter

What we offer

The campsite includes
  • Yurt (6 metres/ 20 feet in diameter) with a locking door
  • Deck
  • Picnic table
  • Small personal BBQ
  • Two deck chairs (in the summer)
  • Parking for one vehicle

An insulated and heated service building containing showers, washrooms, clothes washer and dryer, sinks for dish washing.

A cook shelter with wood stove and split firewood are located nearby. There are lockable cupboards in the shelter. Each cupboard is colour coded to a specific yurt (example: red yurt = red cupboard)

A view of the interior of a yurt.
Yurts are cozy and comfortable!
The yurt includes
  • One single-over-double bunk bed and one double sofa bed with mattresses
  • One table with two chairs and two benches
  • Three coat racks
  • One propane heating stove with ceramic glass viewing area
  • Three solar-powered lights
  • One fire extinguisher
  • One carbon monoxide/smoke detector

A Few Rules

  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the yurts
  • Pets are NOT allowed in the yurts
  • For safety reasons, cooking is NOT allowed inside the yurts
  • The yurt must be cleaned prior to departure
  • Rules that apply to the other campground sites also apply at the yurt sites. Please check General Campground Information
  • It is NOT permitted to use firewood in the charcoal BBQs. If you require charcoal, it can be purchased in the village of Alma
View of a yurt at sunrise. Amazing view of the Bay of Fundy.
The yurts offer a spectacular view of the Bay of Fundy.

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