Watching the epic, 12-metre-high tides at the Bay of Fundy roll in and out is a once in a lifetime experience. What better way to soak it all up than from the deck of your very own prospector-style tent!

Camping gets a modern makeover at the park’s Headquarters campground. Comfy yurts with wood floors, propane stoves and bunk- and sofa beds can accommodate a family of five and feature a skylight dome to take in the starry nights.

Meanwhile Parks Canada’s unique oTENTiks — available in all three of Fundy's campgrounds — offer similar furnishings inside a canvas A-frame on a raised floor.

Family having a picnic near their oTENTik
A family at their oTENTik

From the deck of your yurt or oTENTik, enjoy a brilliant view of the Bay of Fundy below, where the tides put on a world-class show all day, every day. Watch the fog lift in the morning, the waters recede to reveal the mysteries of the seafloor and the giant tides sweep back in.

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