Whether you prefer to camp in a tent, in a trailer close to amenities, to travel to a wilderness site, or stay in one of our cabins, yurts or oTENTiks, we have the experience you are looking for!

Fees vary depending on season.


Front-country camping
Fundy has 4 unique front-country campgrounds to choose from.

Backcountry camping

Backcountry camping
A challenging, yet rewarding way to go camping!


Stay in a yurt
Stay overnight for a hassle-free camping experience!


Stay overnight in an oTENTik
Experience camping like never before!


Rustic cabins
Get away from it all in a Fundy rustic cabin!


Looking for something new? Try the Ôasis located in Point Wolfe campground.

Camping de groupe

Group camping
Open to non-profit groups. Call 887-6000 for more information.

Reserve your campsite!
1-877-RESERVE (737-3783)

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