What are the Fundy Red Chairs?

Looking for that special place where all your worries melt away? At 12 enchanting locations throughout Fundy National Park, you can find our big red Adirondack chairs waiting to be discovered. Some are easy to find, while others require more of an adventure!

They have been placed in quiet, scenic locations carefully selected by Parks Canada staff because these places inspire the truest sense of "awe". How many of them can you visit when you visit Fundy next?

Location Number of chairs GPS Coordinates
Butland Lookout 2 adults + 2 children -64.962825 45.602242
Laverty Lake 2 adults + 2 children -65.037295 45.651581
Cannontown Beach 4 adults -64.952250 45.590453
Headquarters Bluff 4 adults + 4 children -64.950043 45.594088
MacLaren Pond 2 adults + 2 children -64.951468 45.593906
Wolfe Lake 2 adults + 2 children -65.138197 45.660629
Matthews Head Loop 2 adults -64.979838 45.560626
Herring Cove 2 adults -64.966458 45.573452
Matthews Head lookout 2 adults -64.967414 45.568744
Coppermine Trail 2 adults -65.033822 45.537918
Shiphaven Trail 2 adults -65.016692 45.549664
Hueston Brook 2 adults + 2 children -65.011708 45.552768

Where Did the Red Chair Idea Come from?

In 2014, our friends at Gros Morne National Park installed 18 sets of chairs around their park. Visitors have been seeking them out and sharing their chair adventures ever since! The program is now growing to include a number of other national parks, and Fundy is one of them!

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