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Reminder: It’s important to stay bear-aware all year. Carry bear spray with you at all times on the trail, and know how to use it. Bear spray can be effective deterrent when used properly. Be aware that wind, spray distance, rain, freezing temperatures and product shelf life can all influence its effectiveness. Familiarize yourself with the proper use of bear spray (including the manufacturer’s specific instructions) and keep it readily accessible.

Bear sightings: May 14 - May 21, 2020

Park Trail - Day-use area - Campground Species Date
Banff Redearth Creek Parking Lot Black Bear May-21
Banff 1a - Johnston Canyon Black Bear May-20
Banff Spray River Loop Black Bear May-20
Kootenay 93s Black Bear May-20
Banff Lake Louise Townsite Female Grizzly with offspring May-20
Yoho Boulder Creek Black Bear May-20
Banff 93 North - Saskatchewan Crossing Black Bear May-19
Banff Fenland Trail Female Grizzly with offspring May-19
Banff 1a - Muleshoe Black Bear May-19
Banff 1a - Fire Side Black Bear May-19
Banff Sundance Canyon Black bear with offspring May-19
Banff TCH - Banff - Bourgeau Lake Trailhead Black Bear May-19
Banff Tunnel Mountain Village 1 Campground Black Bear May-19
Kootenay Paint Pots Grizzly Bear May-19
Banff 93 North - Bow Summit Grizzly Bear May-18
Banff 1a - Hillsdale Meadows Grizzly Bear May-18
Banff Sunshine Slabs Grizzly Bear May-18
Yoho Lake O'hara Road Grizzly Bear May-18
Kootenay Vermilion Crossing/Kootenay Park Lodge Grizzly Bear May-18
Kootenay 93s Grizzly Bear May-18
Kootenay Dolly Varden Day Use Area Black Bear May-18
Banff 93 North - Mosquito Creek Grizzly Bear May-18
Banff 93 North - Mosquito Creek Black Bear May-17
Yoho Lake O'hara Road Black Bear May-17
Banff 93 North - Bow Summit Black Bear May-17
Kootenay Mount Harkin Viewpoint Grizzly Bear May-17
Banff TCH - Banff - Castle Junction Grizzly Bear May-16
Yoho Ab/Bc Border Black bear with offspring May-16
Kootenay Redstreak Campground Grizzly Bear May-16
Kootenay Numa Falls Grizzly Bear May-16
Banff 1a - Baker Creek Grizzly Bear May-16
Yoho Kicking Horse Campground Grizzly Bear May-15
Banff Lake Louise Campground Grizzly Bear May-15
Banff Lake Louise Black Bear May-14
Kootenay Marble Canyon Trailhead Grizzly Bear May-14
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