Please report all wildlife observations promptly to Banff Dispatch at

Bear sightings: September 9 - September 15, 2021

Park Trail - Day-use area - Campground Species Date
Banff Sunshine slabs Black Bear Sep-15
Kootenay Radium Hot Springs Facility Black Bear Sep-15
Kootenay Mcleod Meadows Campground Black Bear Sep-15
Banff 1a - Protection Mountain Black Bear Sep-14
Yoho Field Black Bear Sep-14
Banff Temple road Grizzly Bear Sep-13
Banff Tunnel Mountain Road - HooDoos Viewpoint Grizzly Bear Sep-11
Kootenay Redstreak Campground Black Bear Sep-10

Carry bear spray with you at all times on the trail, and know how to use it. Bear spray can be effective deterrent when used properly. Be aware that wind, spray distance, rain, freezing temperatures and product shelf life can all influence its effectiveness. Familiarize yourself with the proper use of bear spray (including the manufacturer’s specific instructions) and keep it readily accessible.

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