In an effort to give wildlife space and to reduce bear jams in Jasper National Park, we have discontinued the Jasper bear report.

Learn about bear safety and always hike “bear aware”.

Should I call?

Call Jasper Dispatch (780-852-6155) if you see:

  • unsafe or aggressive human-wildlife interactions
  • injured or dead wildlife
  • a predator in the townsite, a campground, or near accommodations

To minimize the potential of a bear encounter you should:

Stay alert on the trails

  • Make noise
  • Look for fresh bear sign
  • Travel in groups
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it
  • If you encounter a bear, give it LOTS of space

Drive with care

  • Reduce your speed
  • Stay in your vehicle when watching roadside bears – do not follow a bear into the forest

Safely store bear attractants

  • Keep food, garbage, recyclables, pet food and BBQ’s in bear-proof storage or hard-sided vehicles.
More information

For more information on bears and how to stay safe in bear country, please check out the following links: