Churchill, Manitoba is the “gateway” community to Wapusk National Park. It is the location of Wapusk National Park’s main entry point and the Parks Canada Visitor Centre. Churchill is 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) northeast of Winnipeg, accessible only by plane or VIA Rail train. When you arrive in Churchill, visit the Parks Canada Visitor Centre to learn about the programs and services provided by Parks Canada as they will help you better understand the park, its history and the diversity of the Churchill area.

There are no roads into the park, which means visitors must arrange transportation by aircraft with a licensed tour operator.

Getting here


P.O. Box 127 (1 Mantayo Seepee Meskanow)
Churchill, MB  R0B 0E0

By rail

There is regular train service to Churchill and Gillam. Please contact VIA Rail for details about their service.

By air

Calm Air provides scheduled direct flights to Churchill and Gillam from Winnipeg and Thompson, Manitoba. Please contact Calm Air for details on flights.

By road

There is no road access to Churchill.

Gillam is accessible by Provincial Road 280 from Thompson.

By licensed tour operators

Access to Wapusk National Park is mainly by licensed commercial tour operators in Churchill. Visitors are strongly encouraged to use the services of a licensed commercial operator when travelling in Wapusk National Park as there are no roads into the park.


There is no charge for park access, though we strongly recommend that guests hire a licensed tour operator to accompany them into the park. For information on other services, please visit our detailed fee list.


Facilities and services