Coming Soon – New Ways to Explore Wapusk National Park

Mike Iwanowsky
Visitor Experience Manager: Wapusk National Park and Manitoba North National Historic Sites

A visitor explores Wapusk NP with Parks Canada staff A visitor explores Wapusk NP with Parks Canada staff.
© Parks Canada

Wapusk National Park (NP) is a place of magnificent beauty that leaves visitors with a profound sense of wonder and respect. It is a place that is much more than the polar bears for which it is named. It is also a place that, until this year, very few people have had the opportunity to experience first-hand.

Across the country, Parks Canada is striving to expand and enhance the activities offered in national parks so that visitors can have safe, meaningful and enjoyable new ways to learn about Canada’s national treasures. As part of this effort, in 2010 Parks Canada began to explore and pilot a series of new visitor experience opportunities in Wapusk (NP) with the goal of making this remote park more accessible to the general public. In conjunction with the Churchill region tourism industry, Parks Canada is seeking to develop a wide range of quality tourism activities, from day hikes and overnight stays in the bear-safe fenced compound at Broad River, to dog-sledding into the park and canoe trips down the Owl River.

Each of these opportunities is being tested in collaboration with local tour operators. Some experiences will likely be delivered solely by private operators. Others will be offered jointly by Parks Canada staff and the operators. Parks Canada, along with the local tour operators, look forward to offering these new, high quality activities that are sure to leave visitors to Wapusk NP with inspiring, lasting memories of this amazing park.