New Multi-Use Fenced Camps in Wapusk National Park

Wapusk News - Volume 6, 2013

Broad River fenced camp Broad River fenced camp
© Parks Canada

As activities in Wapusk National Park increase, so too has the need for safe facilities to accommodate work projects and overnight stays. From 2008 to 2010, Parks Canada constructed two multi-use fenced camps in the park, located on Broad River and Owl River, approximately 5 kilometres from the Hudson Bay coast. In the past, Parks Canada staff and other researchers used existing trappers’ cabins at these sites; however, with funds from the Arctic Research Infrastructure Fund and Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada, Parks Canada was able to construct its own facilities.

Each camp consists of a small cabin and a shed surrounded by a bear-proof fence. At Broad River there is also a water/wastewater treatment and power generation unit. While previous facilities were constructed primarily to be used by researchers, the new, larger camps (100 ft. X 200 ft.) can comfortably accommodate the set-up of tents. Now, canoeists travelling down the Owl River will be able to set up tents inside the Owl River camp. As more new visitor activities are developed in the park (such as hiking), the fenced camps will provide access to water and waste services, a safe location for tent camping, and the opportunity for potential infrastructure development by licensed tour operators. Use of these facilities will be administered through either entry permits or business licenses.

The two new multi-use fenced camps are mainly used by staff; however, they are potential nodes for future development in this remote national park. To learn more about these facilities please contact Parks Canada at 204-675-8863.

Owl River fenced camp Owl River fenced camp
© Parks Canada