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Canoeists travel the Owl River in Wapusk National Park Canoeists travel the Owl River in Wapusk National Park
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Wapusk News - Volume 6, 2013

Admittedly, Wapusk National Park (NP) is not the easiest place in the world to visit. Visitors must be prepared for the presence of extreme temperatures in the winter, an abundance of wetlands in the summer, in addition to polar bears and bugs. But it is these challenges that can make the Wapusk experience a memorable “trip of a lifetime”. Check out the current opportunities for visiting the park listed below.

Licensed tour operators

Currently, access to Wapusk NP is mainly via licensed commercial tour operators in Churchill. Visitors are strongly encouraged to use the services of a licensed commercial operator when travelling in the park. Two companies are licensed by Parks Canada to offer guided trips in Wapusk NP. Please contact the companies directly to obtain details on trips offered, as well as current information on travel dates and costs.

Wat'Chee Expeditions provides a unique opportunity to witness polar bear mothers and cubs emerging from the maternity dens along the Western edge of Wapusk NP in February and March. Combined with other wildlife viewing opportunities while staying at Wat’Chee Lodge, this trip is the ideal adventure for both recreational and professional photographers. 

Frontiers North Adventures offers Cape Churchill polar bear viewing and learning experience in late November. With an interpretive guide and a professional photographer on board the Tundra Buggy Lodge, this trip provides an excellent opportunity for visitors interested in viewing, photographing, and learning more about polar bears. 


A call for interest to canoe outfitters who may have an interest in operating in Wapusk NP did not result in any business licences being awarded for this activity. However, Parks Canada is pleased to announce that the Owl River in Wapusk NP is now accessible for canoe expeditions by independent paddlers. Canoe expeditions are limited to the high water season in June. Canoeists who are interested in paddling the Owl River are required to contact the Parks Canada office to register their trip and purchase entry permits. Folding canoes or kayaks are recommended to allow for ease of transportation out of the park. A call for interest from tour operators for other expedition types (e.g., hiking, dog sledding and over-snow vehicle excursions) will be posted in the near future. If there is interest, new licensed guided activities will be made available to visitors.

For further information about any of these back-country activities, please contact the Parks Canada offices in Churchill: 204-675-8863.