Parks Canada Wants to Hear From You

Public and Aboriginal Consultations on the proposed National Parks of Canada Wild Animals Regulations

Wapusk News - Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2011

Please note that the deadline for receipt of comments was December 31, 2011. Feedback received during this consultation period will be incorporated into the proposed Regulations as appropriate. Information on how the proposed Regulations were amended following the consultations will be available at

Parks Canada guides the activities in Canada’s national parks through various policies and legislation in order to achieve its mandate to preserve, protect and present Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. As Canada grows and evolves, changes in circumstance sometimes merit a review of existing legislation. The development of new national parks and national park reserves in Canada’s North has invited a review of existing legislation to meet the special circumstances of the northern wilderness environment. An important part of the process of changing legislation is to provide the opportunity for people who will potentially be affected by the changes, and other interested Canadians, to give feedback on the proposed changes.

Parks Canada wants to hear from you.

Until December 31, 2011, public and Aboriginal consultations on the proposed National Parks of Canada Wild Animals Regulations (the Regulations) are taking place. These proposed Regulations would replace the current National Parks Wildlife Regulations.

Why are new Regulations needed?

The current National Parks Wildlife Regulations were in place prior to the establishment of most northern national parks and national park reserves, and do not reflect the unique northern context, particularly in relation to the presence of polar bears.

What is the purpose of the proposed Regulations?

The proposed Regulations are intended to protect all wild animals and their habitat, and to regulate the use, possession and transportation of firearms and other weapons. The proposed Regulations respect obligations under various land claim agreements, impact and benefit agreements, and park establishment agreements such as the Wapusk Park Establishment Agreement (April, 1996). The Regulations also enhance visitor safety in national parks where polar bears are present by allowing certain categories of park users to carry and use firearms for their protection and the protection of others.

How do the proposed Regulations apply to Wapusk National Park?

Parks Canada understands the safety risk associated with activities in Wapusk National Park as a result of the presence of polar bears. If you wish to learn more about how the proposed Regulations may affect your activities in the park, please contact us.

You will also find a draft version of the proposed Regulations and all relevant supporting material online. You are invited to submit your comments in writing by mail, fax, email or online. If you would like to submit comments or suggestions electronically, you can access the online comment form.

You may also download the online comment form and send it to the following address:

Parks Canada Agency
Legislation and Policy Branch
25 Eddy Street, 4th floor (25-4-Q)
Gatineau QC K1A 0M5

Phone : 1-888-773-8888
Fax: 819-997-0835

Parks Canada would like to thank everyone who participates in this consultation process. By providing your point of view, you contribute to ensuring that protected places administered by Parks Canada can be protected for and enjoyed by present and future generations.