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Trip Down Remote Owl River "For the Birds"

Paddling on the Owl River: Jill Larkin and Heather Stewart Paddling on the Owl River: Jill Larkin and Heather Stewart
© David Raitt

This year marked the first year of a collaboration between Parks Canada and the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas (MBBA). The MBBA is an ambitious five-year project to engage citizens in documenting the distribution and abundance of all breeding birds throughout the entire province of Manitoba. The project is supported by Bird Studies Canada and a variety of government, not-for-profit and private sector partners. Through this collaboration, Parks Canada gets important information about the breeding birds of Wapusk National Park (NP) and the MBBA gets support to access the logistically challenging park to collect data for the Atlas. This year the collaboration took the form of an exciting canoe/atlassing trip down the remote Owl River in the south-central part of Wapusk NP from June 15th to 25th.
» Trip down remote Owl River "For the Birds"

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