What’s Up, What’s Down and What’s All Around

Karyne Jolicoeur-Funk
Interpretation Coordinator, Wapusk National Park

Look up and you might see thousands of geese, streaks of clouds, brilliant sun and at night ... magical lights!

Look down and discover delicate flowers, mouthwatering berries and maybe even your ancestors' footprints.

Look all around and see nothing or see everything: ice cold waves, imposing polar bears, mystical caribou and a myriad of lakes. Fog rolls in ... and it all disappears.

There's always a lot going on in Wapusk NP. An outing in the park can reveal so much and can change so fast. Tiny events, such as the pollination of a dewberry flower, may go unnoticed. Ground-thundering events, such as the passing of a caribou herd, are hard to miss. This summer a few more visitors will likely have a chance to witness these special moments as we look ahead to some events forecast for Wapusk NP.

Wapusk welcomes its first summer camping visitors – the Adventure Experience of a Lifetime!

Variety, The Children’s Charity of Manitoba, has partnered with Parks Canada to auction the first ever visitor camping trip to Wapusk NP. The trip was auctioned at the Variety Gold Heart Gala in Winnipeg on April 24, 2010 and the lucky winners will travel by VIA Rail to Churchill this summer. Not only will they have the experience of a lifetime in the Park, but they will also have the opportunity to explore the attractions in Churchill.

Parks Canada and Variety are grateful to the sponsors of the trip:

  • VIA Rail
  • Hudson Bay Helicopters
  • North West Company
  • Bonne Cuisine by Michael
  • Seaport Hotel
  • Nature First

Proceeds from the auction of the Wapusk NP Adventure are in support of the Variety Heritage Adventure Park, an interpretive play park for children of all abilities, which is being built at The Forks National Historic Site in Winnipeg.

Samantha Grosbrink from the 2009 camp Samantha Grosbrink from the 2009 camp
© Parks Canada

Leaders for our Planet – Youth Leadership Camp in Wapusk National Park

Imagine seeing the Arctic for the first time or discovering a magnificent part of Canada from the birds-eye-view of a helicopter, exploring ancient routes your ancestors may have travelled and viewing the magnificent wildlife that calls Wapusk home. This park is a special place where you can learn about yourself, your heritage and your role in protecting it for the future. Between July 8-13, students from around Manitoba joined park staff and other adult facilitators for a once in a lifetime opportunity participating in the 7-day camp in Churchill and in Wapusk NP.

National Parks Project

For a few special days this August, a group of artists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Wapusk NP. Renowned Canadian musicians Sam Roberts, Kathleen Edwards and Matt Mays will take time to discover the land and let the park’s surroundings inspire their work. The famous director, Hubert Davis, will guide the project while creating a short film that will capture their creative process as well as the beauty of Wapusk NP. The team will also produce a piece for the Discovery HD channel that will air in Spring 2011.

For more information, visit the project website at: www.nationalparksproject.ca [Available in English only]

University of Manitoba Field Course

2007 University of Manitoba  Field Course Group 2007 University of Manitoba Field Course Group
© Parks Canada

Wapusk NP. Never heard of it? This group of young adults always seems to go into the park not quite knowing what to expect. They are the scientists of tomorrow and they always emerge with a great respect for the land and what it has revealed to them. Continually creating ambassadors for Wapusk NP and contributing to current research, we look forward to seeing another group this year.