Parks Canada Plans Public Consultation on the Use of Firearms in Northern National Parks

Sheldon Kowalchuk
Resource Conservation Manager
Wapusk National Park & Manitoba North National Historic Sites

Parks Canada is proposing amendments to the National Parks Wildlife Regulations to allow certain categories of park users to carry and use firearms for self-protection and the protection of others from bears in the Northern National Parks and Northern National Park Reserves. In order to solicit feedback from interested parties who may be affected or have an interest in these regulations, Parks Canada will be consulting with people across Canada on the National Parks Wildlife Regulations during the summer and fall of 2010.

Parks Canada has established criteria for obtaining a firearms permit if you are member of a designated group (e.g. person holding a guiding license, researcher, bear monitor, member of a Canadian Forces sovereignty operation) to allow a firearm to be used for protection from bears. Other topics that will be covered during consultation include Parks Canada’s commitment to land claim agreements, impact benefit agreements or, in the case of Wapusk NP, the Park Establishment Agreement.

Information on how and where you can obtain more information and provide feedback on the National Parks Wildlife Regulations will be forthcoming. For more information, please contact Wapusk National Park at or call 204-675-8863.

Parks Canada Staff bear monitoring at Prince of Wales Fort
Staff member Kevin Burke, bear monitoring at Prince of Wales Fort
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