A slideshow of photos that show a large grizzly bear sniffing a fence post before walking directly to the camera and taking a close look.
This animation shows a very up close and personal encounter between the rarely seen barren ground grizzly bear and the trail cameras at the Broad River compound in Wapusk. Grizzlies are one of the largest predators in Canada.
© University of Saskatchewan

Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) are a species that many people don’t associate with Manitoba. The prairie population of grizzly bears was thought to have disappeared from Manitoba, but grizzly bears were first recorded in Wapusk in the 1990s. These bears are probably barren-ground grizzlies that have dispersed southward from Nunavut.

Every year since 2008, there has been at least one grizzly bear sighting in Wapusk National Park. While little is known about the grizzlies of Wapusk, individuals have been captured on the trail cameras at Broad River, Owl River, and Nester One.

There are many questions that remain about the grizzlies of Wapusk: Where do they overwinter? Are they mating or reproducing in the park? How many individuals are there? How do they make a living in Wapusk? How does their size, diet, and behavior compare to other populations of grizzly bears in Canada?

Be sure to read up on our Bear Safety information before visiting the park.